Q&A: Meal Prep!

This is a recording of a Q&A I did over on Kaigo and Instagram Live. So many great questions were sent in!

Some questions asked:

  • How to meal prep in advance for kids? Do we need to meal prep for kids?
  • How do people meal prep for a whole week? Doesn’t this take tons of cooking?
  • How to motivate yourself to take the time to meal prep to commit to healthy eating?
  • What meals taste nice after being saved for a few days?
  • How to prevent boredom?
  • Is it normal to freeze meals for time saving? How do I make sure they are safe?
  • How to meal prep for a family that all eats different things?

This post is intended to be informational only and is not medical or nutritional advice. If you have questions about your unique needs, ask about a custom meal plan or speak with a registered dietitian-nutritionist near you.

Q&A: How to make snacks work for you!

This is a Q&A I did with Kaigo to promote a workshop about how to use snacking as a tool for healthy eating.

I’ll also be posting snippets of each question and answer on social media in the next few weeks so follow me on facebook, instagram, or YouTube if you don’t feel like watching the whole video at once.

Some questions asked:

  • How many snacks should I eat per day if I’m trying to lose weight?
  • Is snacking on fruit bad because of too much sugar?
  • Can I eat a snack instead of breakfast?
  • What snacks are good for kids who refuse to eat fruits and vegetables?
  • What are good snacks to eat at night if I’m craving sweets?

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