What to expect when working with Nutrition for Real Humans

Stack of glass containers containing prepared, colorful foods
Dreaming of meal prepping but aren’t sure where to start? This could be you (or your food at least) in a few weeks!

I am excited to work with you! Here’s what that might look like:

  1. We have a brief, 15-minute phone or Zoom conversation to make sure Nutrition for Real Humans is the right fit for you. I want you to succeed, so if what I offer isn’t going to serve you well, I want to refer you to someone who has just the right skills and expertise to help you meet your goals
  2. If Nutrition for Real Humans is the right fit for you, we have a longer conversation to learn more details about what your goals, specific needs, preferences, challenges, and strengths are. Sometimes this is the same day as the first conversation, other times we schedule a second conversation so we have enough time or if you want more time to consider
  3. We pick the plan/service that fits what you’re looking for
  4. I get to work on your recipe toolkit, meal plan, or meal prep! I typically have the first part to you within a week. If you’ve chosen an option that includes multiple weeks of menus, I usually check in with you after the first week before sending you the next week’s plan in case there is adjustment or feedback.
  5. You receive a toolkit, meal plan, or in-home meal prep that includes tips and insights just for you, a complete shopping list, and everything is yours to keep. You are able to succeed in your nutrition goals with less mental and/or physical effort because the decisions are made for you!

All plans are designed to make accomplishing your nutrition goals easier and less stressful, leaving you with more time, fewer decisions to make about food, a more enjoyable cooking experience, less food waste, and a cleaner kitchen.

FAQs or Questions you might have

How long do you typically work with clients? I’ve worked with some clients long-term, but most clients feel after a few weeks of meal plan or toolkit, that they have confidence and knowledge to continue on their own (or with just occasional support later).

Can you accommodate special or medical diets? Yes. I am a registered dietitian-nutritionist and so in most cases I can make sure your diet aligns with your medical needs.

Do you work with kids? I love working with families with kids! I can design family-friendly meal plans for sure. I can also help with gently expanding picky food preferences and/or helping kids get involved with cooking and meal prep.

Do I get to keep the meal plan? All recipes, instructions, and shopping lists are yours to keep and reuse for as long as you like!


“It was so easy and fun to just cook and eat.  Clean up was a non-event.  This is awesome. […] I really appreciate all I learned from you.  You really helped me get back into cooking. ” – Kathy R

“We’ve been working with Cami for over a year now and we still look forward to our meals every week. The meals are delicious, easy to make, meet our dietary needs, and even our picky toddlers find plenty to love about not just the meals, but ‘Cooking with Cami.’ Highly recommended!” – Steve E

We are ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certified, and take every step possible to ensure your food is safe and healthy.

In-home meal prep is available in the Denver Metro area