What is Nutrition for Real Humans?

Realistic: What we eat doesn’t exist in a vacuum and will be affected by life in general. A small doable step is infinitely better than an overwhelming perfect step. I provide practical, real-life solutions to the obstacles you face.

Respectful and Collaborative: When it comes to nutrition and food, each person has unique goals, values, health needs, preferences, culture, resources, abilities, and interests. I combine my expertise with your experience to create real-world solutions that fit what is important to you.

Honest: Using my education and experience, I will share and apply evidence-based nutrition information and recommendations. I will only recommend options that will serve your health goals

Supportive: My goal is to empower and encourage you – not to cause guilt. What you eat does not determine if you are a good person or how valuable you are.

That’s nice, but what do you do?

I make recipe toolkits, curated meal plans, and provide in-home meal prep custom to you. Interested? Learn more about services here or check out a free downloadable

On the blog, I offer practical ideas and info, and point you to resources to empower you to find the real nutrition that will work for you. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube

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