These are all links to additional websites, podcasts, or books that I hope you may find useful.

The Lazy Genius Collective: especially her article on meal planning, and podcasts about stocking the kitchen (#75), meal planning (#76), and brainless crowd pleasers ( #97)

I really like her down to earth attitude toward everything. Her outlook results in really efficient practical advice.

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family: How to Eat, How to Raise Good Eaters, How to Cook, by Ellyn Satter.

Written by a dietitian who is considered to be THE leading expert on healthy feeding practices for kids, this is a comprehensive and very positive, practical, and helpful book. It covers the practical aspects of meal planning, shopping, cooking, and also how to create a healthy food environment for your family and raise “good eaters” (or help yourself become a good eater). It is available as an ebook, and can probably also be found at your local library.

Cooking Matters

A nonprofit organization focused on “helping end childhood hunger by inspiring families to make healthy, affordable food choices” Their website has many helpful and practical tips and recipes. They also have a free meal planning app.

Food Network’s Picky Eater’s Project

This show follows a family over 8 weeks as they seek to expand their kids eating habits. It includes many ideas that may be helpful, but I especially like the first few episodes where she focuses on making mealtime a positive, consistent environment and establishes that kids and adults eat the same meal.

Here are some lists of ideas of how kids can help in the kitchen, broken down by age group. From,, and .

Of course, you know your kids best so use your best judgment in determining what tasks are appropriate for them and what level of supervision they need 🙂