A resource for exploring new foods

Do you want to adventure into cooking from a different cuisine? Do you want to do some culinary traveling but don’t feel like flying yet? Are you just looking for inspiration for something different to eat?

Do I have the Pinterest board for you.

I’ve been trying recipes from various places around the world. To get as close to the real thing as possible without going to the country or a restaurant serving that type of food, I’ve been trying to find the recipes written by people who are actually from those parts of the world. (Or in some cases, their parents are from that part of the world and they grew up cooking those recipes)

For my own future reference, I collected the websites,blogs, etc. on a Pinterest board, but I realized I could share them with you!

Some of them are recipe blogs and some are specific recipes. Enjoy! I hope you learn something new!

(Also it will continue to grow as I try new recipes and find new recipe authors, so don’t forget to follow it or check back periodically if you want to see updates!)

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